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EBC’s B.M. Gandhi Indian Penal Code (IPC) by Kumar Askand Pandey – 5th Edition 2023

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EBC’s V. P. Sarathi Law of Evidence by K. A. Pandey – 8th Edition 2021

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This book is an introduction to and a brief study of the principles of the Law of Evidence that underline the provisions of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. The Act has been amended in the period between the preceding and present edition. Also, on the judicial front, there has been an incessant flow of cases of topics like dying declaration, confession of co-accused, evidence of an accomplice, estoppel, confessions in custody, opinions of experts, etc. The relevant material has been considered at their appropriate places in the text. The book shall serve as an excellent academic reference for students of law, academicians and research scholars having interest in this branch of law.



Chapter I- Nature and Functions of the Law of Evidence

Chapter II- Relevancy of Facts

Chapter III- Res Gestae

Chapter IV- Occasion, Cause, Effect etc.

Chapter V- Motive, Preparation and Conduct

Chapter VI- Explanatory, Introductory etc., Facts

Chapter VII- Evidence to Prove Conspiracy

Chapter VIII- Evidence of Similar Facts

Chapter IX- Admissions

Chapter X- Confessions

Chapter XI- Confession to Police

Chapter XII- Statements by persons who cannot be called as witnesses

Chapter XIII- Statements made under special circumstances

Chapter XIV- How much of a Statement is to be proved

Chapter XV- Judgments of Courts of justice when relevant

Chapter XVI- Opinion of third persons when relevant

Chapter XVII- Character when relevant


Chapter XVIII- Facts which need not be proved

Chapter XIX- Modes of Proof

Chapter XX- Oral Evidence

Chapter XXI- Documentary Evidence

Chapter XXII- Public Documents

Chapter XXIII- Proof of Public Documents

Chapter XXIV- Presumptions as to documents

Chapter XXV- Exclusion of Oral by Documentary Evidence

Chapter XXVI- Ambiguous Documents

PART III- Production and Effect of Evidence

Chapter XXVII- Burden of Proof

Chapter XXVIII- Survivorship and Death

Chapter XXIX- Presumptions

Chapter XXX- Estoppel

Chapter XXXI-Witnesses

Chapter XXXII- Privileged Communications

Chapter XXXIII- Evidence of Accomplice

Chapter XXXIV- Examination of Witnesses

Chapter XXXV- Improper admission or rejection of evidence.


  • Paperback : 700 pages
  • Publisher : Central Law Publications
  • Author : Avtar Singh
  • Edition : 24th Edition
  • Language : English
  • ISBN-10 : 9789388267908
  • ISBN-13 : 9789388267908

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