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Lexis Nexis’ The Law of Torts by Ratanlal & Dhirajlal 28th Edition


EBC’s Law of Contract & Specific Relief by Avtar Singh 13th Edition

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V.D. Mahajan’s work is a legal classic and has gone into several editions and reprinted a number of times. Written in a very simple and clear language it covers the subjects of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory thoroughly.


Table Of Contents:


1. Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence


2. The Nature of Law


3. Kinds of Law


4. Classification of Law


5. Law and Morals


6. State and Sovereignty


7. Administration of Justice


8. Sources of Law


9. Legislation


10. Precedent


11. Custom


12. Professional Opinion and Religion


13. Legal Rights and Duties


14. Ownership and Possession


15. Persons


16. Title


17. Liability


18. Law of Property


19. The Law of Obligations


20. The Law of Procedure


21. Legal Theory


22. Analytical Legal Positivism


23. Pure Theory of Law


24. Historical School of Law


25. The Philosophical School of Law


26. Sociological School


27. American Realism


28. The Scandinavian Realists


29. Natural Law


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