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DLH’s Commentary on The Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958 by Gupta & Gupta – Edition 2023


Lawmann’s Cheating and Forgery by Namrata Shukla 2023 Edition

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Kamal’s Marriage, Separation, Divorce and Maintenance by Mookerjee [2 Vols.] – 6th Edition


• Marriage • Christian Marriage • Hindu Marriage • Jewish Marriage • Muslim Marriage • Parsi Marriage • Special Marriage (Under the Special Marriage Act) • Marriage in Britain • Void and Voidable Marriages • Age of Marriage • Proof of Marriage • Prohibited Degrees • Rights and Liabi lities of the Parties to the Marriage • Restitution of Conjugal Rights • Separation • Jurisdiction of the Court • Divorce • Dissolution of Christian Marriage • Dissolution of Hindu Marriage • Dissolution of Jewish Marriage • Dissolution of Muslim Marriage • Dissolution of Parsi Marriage • Dissolution of Marriage under the Special Marriage Act • Dissolution of English and American Marriages • Divorce by Mutual Consent • Adultery • Deoxyribonucleic Acid Test (DNA Test) • Conversion and its Consequences • Cruelty • Desertion • Disappearance — Not heard of as still living • Impotency • Leprosy • Unsoundness of Mind, Mental Disorder, Psychopathic Disorder, Schizophrenia• Venereal Diseases • Rape, Sodomy and Bestiality • Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage • Satisfaction of the Court • Condonation, Connivance and Accessory to the Matrimonial Offence • Collusion, Unreasonable Delay and Advantage of One’s Own Wrong • Bigamy and other Matrimonial Offences • Alimony and Maintenance, etc. • Maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents • Maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents under sections 125 to 128 of the Code of Criminal Procedure • Custody of Children and Guardian of Person and Property of Minor • Acknowledgement of Paternity, Guardianship and Custody of Child under Muslim Law • Marriage Settlement [Distribution of Assets and Properties after Breakdown of Marriage] • Liability in Tort for Injuries to Domestic Relations • Injunction over Matrimonial Relationship • Legitimacy Declaration for Children • Jurisdiction of the Matrimonial Court — Residence, Migration and Domicile • Recognition and Evaluation of Judgment/Order passed by Foreign Courts • Practice and Procedure followed in the Family Court.


  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Publisher: Kamal Law House
  • Language: English
  • Edition : 6th Edition
  • Author : A. Mookerjee

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