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ALH’s Lectures On Company Law ( Companies Act 2013) 2nd Edition by Dr Rega Surya Rao


Lawmann’s Law Relating to Money Suits with Model Forms by Nayan Joshi

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  • Introduction
  • Determination of Fee
  • Ad Valorem Fees
  • Form of Valuation
  • Fees in the High Courts and in the Court of Small Causes at the Presidency Towns
  • Fees in Other Courts and Public Offices and Memorandum of Appeal
  • Suits relating to Sales of Immovable Property
  • Suits relating to Mortgages
  • Probates, Letters of Administration and Certificates of Administration
  • Suits in General
  • Suits in Particular Cases
  • Parties to Suits
  • Frame of Suit
  • Institution of Suits
  • Settlement of Issues and Determination of Suit on Issues of Law or on Issues Agreed Upon
  • Adjournments
  • Suits by or against the Government or Public Officers in their Official Capacity
  • Suits Involving a Substantial Question of Law as to the Interpretation of the Constitution or as to the validity of any Statutory Instrument
  • Suits by or against Military or Naval Men or Airmen
  • Suits by or against Corporations
  • Suits by or against Firms and Persons Carrying on Business in Names other than their own
  • Suits by or against Trustees, Executors and Administrators
  • Suits by or against Minors and Persons of Unsound Mind
  • Suits relating to matters concerning the Family
  • Suits by Indigent Persons
  • Suits relating to Mortgages of Immovable Property


Author : Namrata Shukla
ISBN : 978-93-85444-88-3
Edition : 2022
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Pages : 460


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