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ALA’s Indian Contract Act by Dr.R.K.Bangia 2023

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Singhal’s Law of Torts including Consumer Protection Act (Dukki) by Mayank Madhaw

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Part A: Hindu Law of Marriage and Divorce

  1. Nature of Hindu Law
  2. Sources and Schools of Hindu Law
  3. Hindu Law of Marriage
  4. Restitution of Conjugal Rights
  5. Judicial Separation
  6. Divorce: Matrimonial Relief

Part B: Hindu Law of Maintenance, Adoption and Guardianship

  1. Law of Maintenance
  2. Law of Adoption
  3. Legitimacy of Children of Void and Voidable Marriage
  4. Minority, Guardianship and Custody

Part C: Muslim Law

  1. Sources and Schools of Muslim Law
  2. Muslim Law of Marriage (Nikah)
  3. Muslim Law of Divorce
  4. Muslim Law of Maintenance
  5. Acknowledgement of Paternity and Legitimacy
  6. Wakfs and Endowments

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