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DLH’s Practical Hints On Cross-Examination by Malik B, 7th Updated Edition 2024

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Lexis Nexis’s Civil Court Practice & Procedure Manual by Sarkar – 14th Edition

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  • Introduction
  • Constitution of Criminal Courts and Offices
  • Offences by Whom and Where Triable
  • Power of Courts
  • Public Prosecutors
  • Jurisdiction of the Criminal Courts in Inquiries and Trials
  • Conditions Requisite for Initiation of Proceedings
  • Complaints to Magistrates
  • Commencement of Proceedings before Magistrates
  • The Charge
  • Trial Before A Court of Session
  • Trial of Warrant Cases by Magistrates
  • Trial of Summons Cases by Magistrates
  • Summary Trials
  • Evidence in Inquiries and Trials
  • General Provisions as to Inquiries and Trials
  • Provisions as to Accused Persons of Unsound Mind
  • Provisions as to Offences Affecting the Administration of Justice
  • The Judgment
  • Submission of Death Sentences for Confirmation
  • Security for Keeping the Peace and for Good Behaviour
  • Order for Maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents
  • Maintenance of Public Order and Tranquility

Author : Nayan Joshi
ISBN : 978-93-85114-80-9
Edition : 2023
Binding : Paperback
Language : English

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